Body Scrubs

Exfoliate, moisturize, stimulate and protect the skin in one step!
Our Dead Sea salt scrubs are an excellent way to keep your skin healthy & glowing.
They are best used once or twice a week as part of your skin care routine.
They slough off any dry or dead skin cells,
keeping your pores clear, making it easier for the skin to breathe.
Your skin will be left with a glow, thoroughly moisturized.

Available in these wonderful fragrances:

Stimulating Spearmint, Citrus Sunrise Chamomile, & Almond Oatmeal

Massage Oil

Treat yourself with our wonderful, soothing massage oil. Pure essential oils are hand-blended in a base of
all-natural oils. It is a great emollient for lubricating and softening the skin, and warms to the touch during a body massage. Add it to your bath, apply to wet skin after showering. It's wonderful to use as a layer before lotions or perfumes...or enjoy its own delicious fragrance.
Many enjoy it instead of lotion or perfume.

Now in two decadent scents.

Massage Magic:

We’ve added both lavender and patchouli for their soothing and calming effects.
This mild essential oil blend is light and sensual, and very relaxing.

Massage Release:

Revitalizes your senses, while soothing your body and mind.
Essential oils including peppermint, anise, basil, spearmint, and eucalyptus
will brighten and open both your senses and your soul.

Bug Brew Insect Repellent

All-Natural Bug Brew - in a 2.75 oz. brushed aluminum bottle.
Each contains essential oils that we've researched will drive bugs away.
We've combined these essential oils in three combinations. It's a spritz, not a spray lotion or oil, and very light:

Sunshine Daydream: lemon eucalyptus, litsea cubeba, rose geranium, sweet orange

Spicy Night: patchouli, sweet orange, clove, rose geranium

Sacred Forest: cedarwood, sage, rosemary, spearmint

They've worked well for us...some bugs may light on your skin, but fly away, not stinging or biting. There's vegetable glycerin in them, too, making them moisturizing...also helps the light spritz stay on your skin. There are no toxins or poisons in these...all natural ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. The bottles are beautiful and are a perfect size to stash in your pocket or backpack in the woods!
(Keep one in a pocket of your stroller, too...they are all safe for kids!).