Our cold-process handcrafted soaps are made from premium-quality natural or organic oils, then we add herbs, herbal extracts, Dead Sea mud, oatmeal, honey, almond meal, essential oils, or other natural ingredients, depending on the properties desired. There are no artificial products used and no detergents.

Our hand-crafted soaps have a high amount of glycerin and other skin nutrients left in them, unlike the mass produced bars, which remove glycerine and other nutrients during processing. You will find them to be wonderfully lathering and mild, naturally fragrant and moisturizing.
Each bar is 5 ounces and individually labeled.

Our bars are hand-crafted: hand-poured and hand-cut, always made with love and intention in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

Our products are never tested on animals and
do not contain animal fat or by-products, nor any petroleum-based ingredients.

Lavender Oatmeal

Lavender calms and soothes the spirit, and it may help relieve insomnia.
It is used to promote growth of new skin cells, and to aid healing of acne, burns
and sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, fungal growths, and scarring.
Ground oats have been used in beauty bars for centuries as a gentle exfoliant that stimulates circulation to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.
Oatmeal soothes sensitive skin and exfoliates with a gentle touch, leaving skin soft and supple.
The gentle exfoliation and healing qualities of oats and lavender are blended to create a perfect marriage of two favorite soaps, oatmeal and lavender.

Cedar ~ Sage ~ Rosemary

Cedarwood is a natural insect repellent, antiseptic, deodorant, and skin conditioner. Sage is often used for self-purification and dealing with grief and loss. It is often used to improve mental ability, bring wisdom, and promotes spiritual, mental, emotional & physical health and longevity. Sage removes negative energy. Rosemary essential oil smells clean and refreshing and has natural purifying antibacterial properties.

Lemon Eucalyptus

Lemon can help to clear thoughts, & relieve headaches and migraines. It may also help soothe insect bites. Eucalyptus oil is traditionally used to inhibit proliferation of the cold virus, deter mosquitoes, cool emotions, and aid concentration. May help clear up sinus congestion.
A great soap for gardeners, hikers, campers, and folks who enjoy the outdoors.

Gaia’s Gift
Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea mud stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates skin, and deep cleans to remove impurities. The fine, natural grain of the mud softly, yet effectively, sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh and radiant. The Dead Sea Mud used in our soap is not a powder, it is certified mineral-rich Dead Sea mud from the Dead Sea, imported from Israel. This is an extra emollient bar. Sea Kelp, rich in vitamins and minerals, is believed to remove impurities, re-mineralize, restore elasticity to the skin, and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Almond Oatmeal

Almond has long been treasured as a very effective emollient, and improves one’s complexion. It is beneficial for eczema, psoriasis and itchy, dry and inflamed skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Oatmeal soothes sensitive skin and exfoliates with a gentle touch, leaving skin soft and supple. The ground oatmeal provides a pleasant warm scent that blends delightfully with the almond aroma.

Stimulating Spearmint

Spearmint is a soothing bath herb, an ingredient for facial steams, and is used as an astringent for gently cleaning oily skin. It is also known for respiratory benefits. Its aroma is as stimulating as it is calming. Spearmint contains vitamin B-complex, A, and C, sulfur, calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It can be helpful for itching, burns, insect bites, and other skin irritations, and is deliciously fragrant! You may want to take a bite…


Patchouli, (Pogostemon patchouli), is a shrubby plant of the mint family,
and is steamed distilled from the roots.
It smells warm and earthy, peppery and spicy.
As an added bonus, it’s a repellant to insects!
Aromatherapists use patchouli to treat anxiety and depression.
Patchouli can be helpful for eczema, psoriasis, and may
relieve effects of insect bites and help heal rough cracked skin.
Many find it is excellent for controlling acne.
Isn’t nature wonderful?
Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of Cannabis sativa, and it is free of THC.
These produce a rich, pure oil that is perfectly suited for skin care.
No other oil from the plant kingdom is as rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) as hemp!

Nag Champa

Nag Champa is a fragrance from India. It has a high concentration of sandalwood. Nag Champa belongs to the "Champa" class of Indian incense, originating from the Champa flower. Champa incenses contain a natural ingredient indigenous to India called "halmaddi", which is a semi-liquid resin taken from the Ailanthus Malabarica tree. You may recognize the aroma of Nag Champa from concerts, shops selling Indian goods and many health food stores, as well as metaphysical and
New Age book stores, music stores, and head shops.
Many use Nag Champa to stimulate spirituality and meditation.