What people are saying about
Joie Grrl Herbal Essentials:

"Jo's soaps and lotions are some of the very best I've tried.
The soaps last a long time and have a great lather and a great fragrance.
I love the scrubby aspect of the oatmeal soaps,
and the cedar, sage, rosemary is absolutely to die for!"
I'm also never without my lip balm! It is the most soothing one I've found.
Thanks Jo, for your wonderful products!

-lisa k.
Oakland, California

Your products rock! I bought your sea salt scrub a month or so ago. I am truly in love with the scrub.

-McKenzie G.
Biloxi, Mississippi

I particularly like the patchouli hemp lotion because I smell fresh and clean where ever I go.
It does not mess with my environmental allergies, either! Not a day goes by without someone stopping me to ask what that wonderful smell is!

- Jan S.
Jacksonville, Florida

I received one of your soaps for Christmas and love it! How can I order more?

-Dee R.
Mobile, Alabama

-Tracy P.
St. Louis, Missouri

I just wanted you to know that because of your chosen undertaking of
making soaps - you are now thought of while the work made of your own
hands is cleaning folks all over this country. I hope this thought cheers you. We love the lemon!

-V K.
Felton, California

Hello. I just loved the Citrus Scrub when I used it last night! So fabulous!

-Tracy P.
St. Louis, Missouri

I adore the spearmint! I keep a bar under my pillow, so I can smell it all night. I think it's improved my dreams! I can't wait to get up in the morning and shower with it!

-Jean P.
Montgomery, Alabama

The Lavender/Oatmeal soap deep-cleanses my entire body.
It feels like a gentle body scrub and smells so wonderful.
The Dead Sea Mud soap feels "earthy." That's the
only way I know to describe it. It feels like it reaches deep into the
pores of my face and draws out toxins.

-Lakshmipriya D.
Atlanta, Georgia

Your lotion absorbs extremely well into
the skin. It doesn't feel sticky or waxy. I've tried so many lotions that
leave a "waxy" feeling, and
your Spearmint soap makes my whole body feel clean and fresh.
It has a real "tingly" feeling to it.

-Linda C.
Knoxville, Tennessee

I love the Cedar/Sage/Rosemary soap! It has a gentle scrub to it and smells so

-Mary K.
Knoxville, Tennessee

I love your soaps, because they seem to help my sensitive combination skin. It feels good to know that I am not absorbing a whole bunch of chemicals through my pores when I wash up. I love the oatmeal soaps and the spearmint and rosemary soaps the most.

-Linda P.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Just want you to know the reaction of those who were new to your wonderful products.
You already know how much we love all we use of them, but, the others we ordered for
are just as delighted. The soaps were a fabulous hit - the ones who ordered the
Stimulating Spearmint soaps are thrilled! The Patchouli Hemp is also a new great
Lotion for several of them who had repeatedly asked which scent we were wearing and you know that is our favorite.
(We keep a bottle in each of our vehicles as well as several rooms in our home.)
Just thought you should know how delighted they all are.

-Kathy & Sheri
Columbus, Ohio

Thank you for the wonderful b'day gift for my mom (the cucumber melon scrub). She would like to a get a list of everything y'all make. She wants to get some for Christmas presents.

-Tres H.
Bluff Park, Alabama

I absolutely love Jo's patchouli hemp lotion. It is what I use for my all over fragrance now and I get so many compliments.

-Anna W.
Birmingham, Alabama